Craig Walker, DC of Walker Family WellnessWalker Family Wellness

Dr. Craig Walker is a board-certified chiropractor in the state of Oregon. Maintaining his status as a primary care physician, he has done extensive ongoing training in arguably the most advanced research-based neurological and therapeutic approach to chiropractic care and wellness available today. He holds a Part III certification, the highest level of certification available for this technique, and works on the national level with the founder of this technology, Dr. Donald Epstein.

Dr. Walker works with patients of all ages, from infants, children and adolescents to adults and the elderly, helping people with minor complaints as well as life-devastating conditions such as cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, strokes, migraines and other severe pathological states. Many find him as a last resort when other approaches have failed or when they are looking for options to truly get the most out of life and their relationships.

The specific neurological technique system Dr. Walker uses, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), is recognized by a wide spectrum of health care providers who see him personally for their own healthcare needs and utilize his practice as a direct referral source for their own patients. One such pediatric clinic for children with sensory-processing disorders fondly calls Dr. Walker the “child whisperer” and refer over their most complicated and toughest cases.

Dr. Walker grew up in Portland, has been practicing NSA for 10 years, and has a very active family life with two children.

“Dr. Walker is a beautiful spirit and gifted practitioner.  His staff are especially gracious and helpful in every way. “