Adult Testimonials

Basically, Dr. Craig and NSA are helping to change my life. I had back surgery, scoliosis for over 31 years and couldn’t even dress myself in the morning. After only two months of treatment I am almost pain free, but beyond that is the freedom within and the space that it has created in my life to grow and be myself. To add into all of that, his care and team are absolutely amazing, loving and REAL humans. I just love this practice. Thank you Dr Craig and team for all that you are and that you do.
– Glaucia

Dr. Walker has resolved problems that no other physical therapist or chiropractor seemed to improve upon. I had an inability to stand or sit up straight without pain. Since working with him I walk around my full 6 feet 3 inches without reminding myself to stand tall. Slouching is now uncomfortable, my breathing is deeper, I am more aware and my emotional health has also improved. I did not go in with an open mind, I questioned him on every topic and practice and am comfortable to say he is trustworthy, thorough, skilled and willing to resolve any issue you bring to him.
– Samuel

I went to Dr. Walker with numbing/tingling in my right toes, right fingers, right arm while driving, and left sciatic pain in my hip and leg. X-rays revealed 6 compromised discs. In a month’s time of treatment with Dr. Walker, all of this has essentially disappeared. In addition, I am sleeping much better, and my optimism about life and what I can do has greatly improved. The treatment seems unusual, but it is working wonderfully and makes sense when he explains what is going on. I most highly recommend it as a way to incredibly improved overall health.
– Steve

I had not heard of the “Gentle approach” before I met with Dr. Walker’s staff at the Hawthorne Street Festival this summer. Dr. Walker explained his method of healing, and after just a few sessions on the table, I realized a remarkable improvement not only with the initial problem I was having with my shoulder, but with a new, overall sense of wellness. I cannot recommend Dr. Walker highly enough. Thank you…..
– Sean

Dr. Walker is a beautiful spirit and gifted practitioner.  His staff, Arnica and Oona, are especially gracious and helpful in every way.

I was tender and shaky about transferring to Dr. Walker’s practice after the death of my beloved Dr. Novick, who was simply a Merlin of kindness and healing.  But, from my first phone call (answered in person!)  I’ve experienced only the utmost grace, caring, warmth, easiness, and even greater health and wellbeing.  I still mourn the loss of Dr. Novick  (and his airy and light office with sweeping views of the city!)  but am down-on-my-knees grateful he was so thoughtful and wise to pave the way to the person he trusted to continue serving his clients.
– Layne

Dr. Walker is amazing at what he does!  I’m only about a month into treatment for whiplash and my pain has almost entirely disappeared.  I have also noticed issues with “SIBO” to be resolving.  Highly recommended!
– Ericka

Dr. Walker has a gift of healing. Every time I arrive for an appointment I am greeted warmly by the entire staff. I was in a car accident and ended up with whiplash. Over the following months Dr. Walker has gently worked with my neck allowing pain relief and healing. I would strongly recommend Craig Walker to anyone seeking a new approach to health and rehabilitation.
– Ariel

I’ve had fantastic results from Dr. Walker which have really improved the quality of my life, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Physically I havefewer headaches, better posture, and it has become easier to stand up straight as well to exercise with less pain. My Crohn’s symptoms have also eased. Mentally I am able to think more clearly with fewer symptoms of ADD. Emotionally, my emotions have less peaks and valleys and it is easier for me to stay in a positive mood (perhaps because I am physically in less pain or maybe something else?) What happens at Dr. Walker’s is much different that you might expect from a traditional chiropractor but it is because he is a Network chiropractor. Go in with an open mind and be ready to have a new healing experience. He has a kind, caring, funny and relaxed bedside manner and his other staff are very sweet and super helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Walker!
– Marta

One word: Amazing! I’ve suffered with back and knee pain for many years, broke my hip in 2010, broke a small bone in my spine in 2015, suffered with back spasms and aching knees, but Dr. Walker has truly worked miracles. No back-cracking, spine-crunching, bone-adjusting – just gentle touch and movement. If I have the occasional relapse of pain, one visit takes care of it. I can honestly say that I am 99% pain-free for the past 10 months. He’s my hero and I will forever be grateful for what he’s done.
– Cheryle

After several years of pain and limited range of motion in both arms I am now able to reach out and up. No more “alligator arms”! I am so very grateful to Dr. Walker’s care in helping me achieve wellness. You are a blessing!
– Petra

Doctor Walker has pretty much resolved my carpal tunnel, completely non-invasively and medication-free. Carpal tunnel has been an issue for me off and on since 1998, but it flared up and became fairly debilitating in early 2015. After weighing my options for care, I began treatment with Dr Walker in Fall 2015. I’ve had almost no wrist flareup days since early spring 2016! It’s great to be able to use my hands for everyday tasks again.

I am also walking taller and breathing more easily, and we are gradually unwinding my permanently-tight shoulders (“permanently” meaning at least the last 29 years; “we” because this treatment modality recognizes the patient as a partner in their own health care, which is important to me). Like others here, I note that my mood is vastly improved for no apparent reason (my life hasn’t changed — just my body-feelings/health!). Now we’re working on a couple of trouble spots I forgot were significant because my wrists and shoulders used to hurt so much …

I encourage anyone who is looking for non-invasive, holistic health improvement to call the office and attend one of Dr. Walker’s information sessions to gauge whether this treatment modality and this doctor are a good match for you and your health goals.
– Kirsten

Well at first I thought it was a scam. There are a lot of get well things for us seniors out there to believe in.  Most of them take your money and do not help you at all. I was having lots of knee pain in my left knee and neck and back pain. I have tried a lot of things that only work for a little while, I am very active at my age of 78, more so that more seniors. I have to give Dr Walker credit for starting slow, and inch by inch I do see some improvement.   He just smiles and says see you on Wednesday. Yes, it is working.  Give it a try!
– Jeanne

Years of yoga, strength and mobility training, supplementing and maintaining my commitment to reveal myself beneath the pain of a lifetime of random auto and sport injuries, childbirths and the kind of hard knocks that potentially challenge ones divine character somehow led me to Doc Walker. What has happened here equates lifetimes of counseling, my nervous system is supporting my true state, my energy is renewing, as I train I recover and awaken with physical ability that meets or exceeds my inspiration that ignited my direction in the first place. The pain cycle of degeneration has been snuffed.  I am rediscovered with the newness of agility combined with the wisdom of my years. It is daunting. I’ve shaved minutes off my mile.  My body, vulnerable, welcomes change as it forgets so many pains. Not perfect but improved and educated.
– Andrea

I have more than a year’s experience being treated at Columbia Wellness Center, which is now known as the Walker Family Wellness. During that time period Dr. Walker has successfully reversed very severe symptoms of impingement and stenosis in my cervical vertebrae which caused virtually no mobility in the neck region. These symptoms included pain, tingling and numbness in the shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints, along with debilitating weakness in both arms and hampered muscular control with what strength remained. I now enjoy full “normal” neck movement with no pain either there or in any of the aforementioned joint regions. My entire spinal cord is functioning better than it has since my young adult years began almost 50 years ago. Dr. Walker can “do it all”! He, along with Arnica and Oona who skillfully, cheerfully and graciously manage the office, provides an extremely sincere healing environment conducive to getting results for the patients being treated. I am thankful beyond words for the recovery I have experienced, and highly recommend this gentle treatment facility to all who might benefit from its services.
– Jerry

Dr. Walker and his staff create an extremely calm, welcoming, and healing environment. It has been an absolute pleasure attending this practice and getting know one another. The treatment I receive has improved my physical and mental well being. And I feel lucky to have found this opportunity to participate in this treatment. Each session is a step towards healing the complications with my neck and spine. Each session is a form of meditation and relaxation. Each session leaves me with feelings of peace, well being, physical comfort and enthusiasm to progress. To avoid writing a small book in this review column, I strongly suggest to anyone reading this to make the time to schedule an appointment, visit the practice, and introduce yourself to the world of Network Spinal Analysis.
– Jack

My journey with Dr. Walker has been an amazing experience with outcomes that I could have never imagined. I went to him for recurring neck pain and occasional other chronic issues. You know… chiropractic stuff. What I gradually started noticing were shifts in my mental attitude, ability to handle high stress levels with much more grace and ease. After a few months of feeling really good I realized that I had forgotten I had SIBO. I had been really sick for about 7 years, with constant nausea, neuromuscular issues and the list of symptoms goes on. My diet was down to only a few things my body could tolerate. I had been gradually feeling so much better that I had a “new normal” and had forgotten I had been suffering with SIBO for so long. This adventure with Dr. Walker and Network Spinal Analysis has been gentle, profound and loaded with breakthroughs on so many levels.
– Melinda

Recently I was amazed to realize that I had been up and working and I was feeling no pain. Dr. Walker said, “Surprising to get back to normal, isn’t it?”

Today I told him that I had been hiking and working in my garden for days. I could not have done either a year ago. Dr. Walker has given me  a new, pain-free lease on life. I am enormously grateful and trust him completely.
– Diane

The insights and transformations I received every time I saw Dr. Walker have opened me up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. From the first session to the most recent, my willingness to be open to the process has helped me release all kinds of pain. I’ve changed and grown through the healing stages more quickly. My life has expanded exponentially, and the staff and practitioners at Walker Family Wellness are part of the reasons why. Thank you!
– Adina

I’ve always thought of health as feeling physically and emotionally robust and capable of engaging life to the fullest. From my perspective this is not a nice to have, but an expectation. Alternative healthcare has always been integrated into my life style to keep me at my best. My treatment plan with Dr. Walker has been transformative, to the point that it has increased my expectations of what health means.  Wow!
– Thom

I am so grateful to have met Dr. Walker. I was hit by a drunk driver at 80 miles per hour. My whole back and neck where in so much pain I was unable to work and barely able to sleep. After 4 months of following Dr. Walker’s plan I am pain free and better off then I was pre-accident. Thanks Doc!
– Raevaen

Dr. Walker has helped me so much and it has only been two weeks.  I feel my health restoring.  I can feel my old self resurfacing.  I love to hike and bike and run. I have been limited because of neck pain from a car accident. I ran a fun run two days ago.  I never thought I would be able to run again. I am so thankful to Dr. Walker and have great hope for a continued active lifestyle.
– Katy