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This 2-hour Intro to Lightwork: Energy Healing 101 class is led by Dr. Craig Walker–with over 100,000 patient visits in the past decade of practice.

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Come learn the fundamentals of energetic work in the 21st century. Get instruction and hands-on practice in the areas of reading “energy”, interpreting the body’s patterns, and seeing the profound physiological shift from the “fight, flight, or freeze” state to the profoundly healing state that we exhausted, sick, pained, and overwhelmed individuals are seeking.

People love this class! The potential to finally get some real understanding and purpose around your sensitive personality is what I’m offering.

This class is designed for both the lay public as well as the professional. Maybe you’re the desperate parents of a challening “special-needs” child looking for options to help your little loved one. Or a sensitive yogi, doctor or nurse; massage therapist, counselor or psychotherapist wanting to structure or language around your intuitive nature.

Or you are an individual who has recognized for sometime now that you have a capacity for orientation or sensitivity or sensibility and are not quite sure yet which direction to take and you are curious to flush it out a bit more. Or perhaps you are in a loving relationship and want to know how to dance with the polarity, challenges, and explosive blissful capacity you sense.

This class is absolutely not a “treatment” modality for conditions or symptoms that should be diagnosed and managed by a licensed medical provider. We won’t be doing any treatment of any diagnosis at any point as those should be overseen by your medical professional.

There will be further training options presented in the class for deepening your education in this vast and complex realm.

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Craig Walker