What to Expect

Our complimentary consultation is the best place to start to see if Walker Family Wellness is right for you.

During your first visit to Walker Family Wellness, we will listen to your health history and thoroughly discuss your current health concerns and goals. We will do a comprehensive evaluation of your posture, spine and muscle tension, as well as breathing patterns.

In order to best assess which areas specifically need to be addressed, we may suggest other evaluation procedures including:

  • Full spinal X-rays to get a better look at those areas of your spine that are suffering degeneration, subluxations and tension, and causing you pain, and
  • Special neurological scans to measure how well your central nervous system is functioning.

These imaging tools are very useful is providing you and the doctor a complete understanding of your current state of health and what solutions would be appropriate for you.

During your second visit, we will meet to give you a thorough report of your exam findings, address any of your concerns, and determine how chiropractic can help.

If your evaluation and imaging reveals there is a good fit and you decide that chiropractic care is right for you, we will then develop a plan of chiropractic care that is specific to your condition and health goals that will include recommendations for frequency of visits, duration of care, and cost of care.

I am very active at my age of 78. I have to give Dr. Walker credit for starting slow and inch by inch I do see some improvement. Yes, it is working. Give it a try!